It’s been a great journey for us, and now, the journey gets even sweeter; we’re really happy to announce our brand new website (Click here to see it!) built by one of Asheville’s top Web Designers, Orthodox Daily. Our ultimate goal was being able to showcase a lot of our pieces for our customers that don’t always have a chance to come in and shop in person. So far, our store has about 16 unique items and that’s only going to grow. Our site has a ton of new features including: responsive design, an integrated account system to help you track your online orders, and a simply awesome new design.

The Awesome Design

There’s a new trend within web design (and graphic design) right now called “flat design” (it’s actually not that new, but as with most things in the tech world, designs and trends change rapidly so it’s important to stay up-to-date). Flat design is the concept of allowing your brand or logo to speak for itself without adding a ton of drop shadows, embellishments or bezels. Basically, it’s a more simplistic design overall. Not only does this new design concept allow for easy reading, but it also allows for your brand to speak across multiple device platforms. We hope you like what we’ve done to the new site!

Responsive Design

Our site is also built using responsive design, which means that when you view in your mobile device (iPhone, Android device, tablets, etc.) the site actually responds to your operating system and screen dimensions to give you the best possible viewing experience. There’s a new feature within responsive design called “stacking” and that’s when the navigation menu along the top actually stacks on top of each other instead of being horizontal and taking up a lot of precious real estate on your screen. Who knows, maybe you’re actually viewing the site in your mobile device now! That’s awesome! Oh, and one more thing, now there’s simply no excuse not to shop at boutique Lp; it’s with you wherever you go ;-)

How to Shop on Our New Site

To get started shopping, all you have to do is start adding items to your cart; it’s that simple. We decided not to require you to have an account in order to actually shop at our online store. Sometimes it’s just easier that way. But, if you’re a returning customer, and you know that you’ll be shopping with us often, you can go to the Account Manager Page and edit all your details like your address, phone number, preferred delivery address and more. It’s an awesome new feature and we’re so thrilled to have that in place. That about sums it up for this week’s blog post. We welcome any feedback that you may have about the new site!